A Monkey Fist Weapon has a history dating back to the 18th century. It is a known fact that sailors have used these knots to secure even the largest of ships throughout history. In the present day the monkey fist has been constructed into key chains to help people find there keys and to provide a quick and secure self defense tool.

1. To begin making the product paracord is measured out to 5 feet. There are several different ways to start the knot, including making a generic knot at the top and using one hand as a guide for the creating of the knot.

2. Three wraps are made, if an individual is using their hand this is the time to slide the hand out of the knot. To continue, going cross ways, pass one end of the cord through the 3 original loops, they should be perpendicular to the first 3 loops. While keeping these loops loose, you will then add a 3rd layer, using the same wrapping technique on the second set of loops skipping the first set.

3. The last step in creating the knot is placing the stainless steel ball in the middle of the created loops. Once this is completed then pull the knot together.

The first knot made in the 1800’s may not have had the stainless steel ball, however it was a strong knot that sailors depended on to hold the largest of ships. With the paracord and monkey fist knot combination it is no wonder why many people depend on a Monkey Fist Weapon for self defense.