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Monkey Fist Self Defense Keychain

Well, as you can see at our site www.monkeyarmor.com we specialize in hand-crafted paracord monkey fist keychain tools that are designed for a number of purposes, including self-defense. black-white-monkey-fist   A monkey fist basically is a steel ball wrapped in thick heavy duty paracord. The best ones have a 1 inch steel ball wrapped in 550 lb tensile military grade paracord and are dual lined at the end for as much stability and strength as possible. The front end of the monkey fist (the ball) is called a monkey fist knot. It's a specific tying procedure that securely holds the steel ball in and creates a fist. Monkey fists that only contain one strand holding the fist on the end of the unit are typically much weaker and have the ability to snap off. Note: We do not recommend anything larger or smaller than a inch ball. Along with self defense, a monkey fist is also a fantastic survival tool. Because the units have tensile within the outer paracord it can actually be cut and the innards pulled out. These innards allow you to do several awesome things like:
  • Constructing A Makeshift Fire
  • Creating Heavy-Duty Emergency Fishing Line
  • Creating A Snare/Tripwire
  • Sewing A Wound In A Dire Situation
  • Creating A Makeshift Clothes Line
  Imagine being in an emergency situation where you need to quickly start a fire to save your life. Because paracord is waterproof the innards will easily catch on fire when removed and lit. In fact, the innards are a perfect fire starter and of course you'd want to then add small twigs, sticks and even as the fire grows; logs. That is just one easy to think of example. With thousands of uses the possibilities are virtually endless here. It's also important to understand that a monkey fist can also simply be unraveled and used for rope. In fact, our Monkey Armor monkey fists can be unraveled for up to 14 ft of sturdy rope. This rope can be used for any use you'd need rope for; including climbing. Keep in mind once you unravel it, you will not be able to reconstruct it. So only unravel it and use it for rope in a survival needed basis. Of course you can also simply use this monkey fist keychain to hold your keys! Since it weighs roughly just 3 ounces it won't be too-weighty to carry around as a keychain. Having your keys on the unit also allow you to have something to hold onto if you ever get in a self defense situation. Keep in mind we do not advocate violence here and only believe this should be used in self defense in a truly life-threatening situation. As you can see here at our site, monkey fists come in all sorts of various colors. We currently have about 17 colors to choose from with more fists being added in the near future. This allows you to select the look you want for your very own Monkey Armor monkey fist keychain. Accept no substitutions for the one and only Monkey Armor Self Defense Keychain!