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This is a dark green monkey fist.  It's considered hunter green and it's darker than most greens.
  • This hunter green monkey fist is approx. 9.8" length which is great for defending an attacker from long or close range unlike shorter unreliable monkey fists out there
  • 1 inch steel ball: Heavy enough to incapacitate an attacker, but, not cumbersome to carry
  • 550lb tensile military grade paracord for strength and durability so it will not break on you in time of need & Handmade by expert paracord craftsmen for the highest quality assurance
  • Dual threaded core and end for advanced durability - Stability with a monkey fist is important and this one is stable and reliable for every need
  • Single cord monkey fists are not as reliable or as effective in survival situations... be warned!
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