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This monkey fist is the perfect survivalist tool!  It can be given as a gift to a loved one or friend and purchased for yourself!
  • Approx. 9.8" length: Perfect for defending an attacker from long or close range unlike shorter unreliable monkey fists out there
  • 1 inch steel ball: Heavy enough to incapacitate an attacker, but, not cumbersome to carry
  • 550lb tensile military grade paracord for strength and durability so it will not break on you in time of need & Handmade by expert paracord craftsmen for the highest quality assurance
  • Dual threaded core and end for advanced durability - Stability with a monkey fist is important and this one is stable and reliable for every need
  • (don't be fooled by single threaded monkey fist units out there - they are not as strong, durable or as effective)

More About This Monkey Fist

The Monkey Armor Monkey Fist attaches easily to your key-chain and only weighs about 3 oz.  This keeps it from being burdensome or cumbersome unlike longer heavier monkey fist units on the market. The 550lb tensile makes this monkey fist strong and durable for when you need it the most. Are you ready to order your monkey fist keychain today?